Marshall Plumbing Inc.

1835 Buford Hwy 215-217

Cumming Hwy 30041
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This is a small shop, and they’re really concerned with building solid customer relationships. They’ll explain every step of the repair process and were right on target with their estimate. They did external irrigation work for me, and did an excellent job repairing the yard and saving the sod.

John G.

Mike Marshall handled my toilet repairs with a professional manner and a very reasonable price. Showed up on time, called ahead of arrival and handled every part of his job well. I am his new customer.
Thanks, Mike.

Vincent P

Why do plumbing, a/c, and heating all go on the frizz on Friday afternoons? Our main drain line from the master bathroom (toilet, sinks, bath tub, and showers) plugged up last Friday afternoon. This has happened three times before, and I have called three different plumbing companies to fix it. The last plumber did a great job, but they didn’t have a crew able to come out until Tuesday, unless I wanted to fork over $150 for a ‘rush’ repair. God gave us two bathrooms, so spending retirement bux on a hurry-up did NOT appeal. I buzzed around the internet and ended up calling this outfit because a) they were in our area of the country, and b) their ad was humble (??? deal with it). My call was answered by a real plumber, not an operator or answering service. I described my problem, he gave me a range of repair costs depending on the diagnosis ($100 less than previous contractors), and promised his crew could be here 8am sharp Monday morning. Cut to Monday- 7:30am, my phone rings, the appointment was verified, and Rafael showed up at 8:00 as stated. He listened to my explanation, eyeballed our pipe layout, and suggested he would try a less expensive alternative to clear the plug. Instead of removing my toilet, he ran a skinnier drain snake through my shower, and -voila!- drain cleared. The cost? $189.00 ($146 less expensive than previous plumber), plus a 30 day warranty to return at no cost should the drain plug again. Now, how does the drain get plugged in the first place? I can reveal that it’s not me. Beyond that, I dare not point an accusing finger, for the sake of domestic tranquility.

George C.